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Hello, I'm Nikki, your go-to balloon stylist extraordinaire! What started as creating crafts over the years with family during the holiday season to now becoming a full time balloon stylist is a dream come true! With my bubbly personality, uniqueness and eye for detail, I take pride in creating an exceptional experience through my balloon creations. Whether it's elegant sculptures or fun-filled installations, I've got the skills to bring your vision to life. 

As a balloon stylist, I've had the incredible joy of crafting captivating balloon designs for a wide array of clients. From the enchanting atmosphere of Starbucks Reserve Roastery Chicago to the vibrant energy of Tropical Smoothie Cafe Mundelein, my balloons has added a touch of whimsy and excitement to these spaces. I've also had the pleasure of adorning events at Neal Science and Math Academy and Copeland Manor Elementary School, where my balloons transformed ordinary spaces into enchanting wonderlands of learning and celebration. The thrill of creating unique balloon arrangements extended even to fitness haven CrossFit Kilter Libertyville, where my designs added a burst of motivation and color to their environment. With each project, my balloons have helped tell a story, creating moments of awe and delight that linger in the memories of all who experience them.

At Cute and Classy Balloons it's my mission to provide not just a service but to turn your wildest balloon dreams into a reality. I look forward to working with you and bringing a pop of class to your next event! 

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